Monday, March 14, 2011

Appam and Egg roast

Here's another delightful combination of dry egg roast with appam. Egg roast is as easy as it looks. Just few slices of onion, pepper, chilly, seasoned in mustard seeds. It's just a 10 min affair.

Taste Appam from Restaurants in Bangalore
In Bangalore, Appam is gaining popularity beyond the Malayalee folks. These days I find many restaurants serving appam for breakfast/supper. Recently a banner in front of Annapoorni Restaurant ( Mouli's Catering) displayed Appam in the special menu.

You can have Appam from Koshy's Restaurant during weekends or try it from joints like Ente Keralam, Vembanad at The Paul, Coconut Groove, Coastal Junction, etc.

At Empire Restaurant at Church Street, they make Appam at the road side counter. Chicken stew from Empire hotel far too many bonny pieces ( ribs and neck) . I've never seen so much neck pieces in the stew than from Empire hotel. Despite the mediocre taste this I find it worth for the price.

Appam Recipe
If you're a newbie, then try this Appam Recipe or egg recipe or try out bread and stew.

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