Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Cake Designs

Edible Icing Sheet Birthday Cake

What's your kid's favorite cartoon? Wouldn't it be great to surprise your child with a colourful picture  birthday cakes? If you're interested, you can order edible icing cake for your kid's birthday. Apart from cartoon images, you can choose your kids favorite pictures to make a special birthday cake.

Picture Cakes Bangalore
To order edible icing cake in Bangalore, you can contact me with details. In Bangalore you can order edible icing cakes from IBCLR ( Mission Road, B'lore) or Sweet Chariot. 

If you're close to Cambridge Layout, Domlur or Indira Nagar side, then I can help you on customised birthday cakes or cupcakes.

How to order Custom made Birthday Cake:

Step 1 - E-mail me the picture or design or explain the design
Step 2 - Mention the type of cake
( Pineapple pastry, Black forest, Checkered, plain, etc)
Step 3-  Take delivery

Pls give me 48 hrs time for the order. Apart from cakes, I make cupcakes with different topping for any occasion. Contact me for details on custom made birthday cake, please contact me at 9379398865 ( Marina .
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अरविन्द जांगिड said...

Nice Post !

VanniDaPooh said...

Hi Marina, do you bake Christening cakes as well? Do you have any pics that you can upload? Thanks. Vanessa

Marina said...

I haven't done Christening cakes. If you can show some sample pics, I can work on it. Thanks

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As the post shows exclusive birthday cakes designs. The concept of this cake is really looking awesome and stunning. I am totally surprised to see this one. Thanks for sharing.

Jones Morris said...

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