Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grilled Fish

Blue Trevally After Grilling
Grilled Blue Trevally - Vatta Fish
Couldn't help sharing this grilled fish with you folks. Recently the grill bug has got hold of me. This is making me "Grill crazy". Now I"m into all kinds of grilling in my OTG. If you're still reluctant to grill, then let this picture prompt you to try out in your kitchen.

Now I stopped oil fry and it's only grilled fish. After few trial and error methods you'll learn to make a perfect grille fish.

Use a non-stick pan and wrap the fish in butter paper and then cover it with aluminium foil. This covering will retain the moisture, and taste of the fish. Well, if you're keen to get the taste of roast, then grill it in the pan without covering it with foil paper.

Before you buy fish!
Many times my hubby was fooled by the fisher women in Trivandrum, Kerala. I don't know how they convince him to buy rotten fish!

Buying fish in Bangalore
If you're buying fish in Bangalore, I suggest you to head for the fish shop early in the morning. Select fish from the fresh stock. With every passing hour, the freshness will slide down.

Places to buy fish around Indira Nagar Bangalore

> Sargar Fish Stall - Domlur Bangalore. (They clean sardines for regular customers)
> NLP Fish Stall - Domlur Bangalore : Contact Jayaram ( 080 25353930) for home delivery( 2 - 3 km)
> Frostys - Michaelpalya, Indira Nagar, Bangalore ( 080- 25283024)

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