Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rohu Fish In Bangalore

Fresh Rohu Fish at Domlur Fish Stall

Bongs in Bangalore
Bangalore with superior work culture is steadily attracting professionals and educated folks from Bengal. With over four-lakh Bengali population, Bangalore has become their next home, offering everything from Durga puja celebrations to food delights.

Fish is an important part of Bengali culture and cuisine. There are many Bengali restaurants that cater typical Bengali cuisine - from sweets to fishy delights.

Rohu Fish Bangalore
Most fish stalls in Bangalore have regular supplies of fresh Rohus, Hilshas, Prawns, Magurs, and Katla. I took this picture of Rohu fish from NLP fish stall Domlur, Bangalore. Big fat Rohu are favorite for Bongs (Bengali Comrades).

Bengali fish curry in mustard oil - Try out this awesome  Rui Macher Kalia (Spicy Rohu Curry) .

Sea fish vs Fresh Water fish 
I'm a big fan of sea food. It's an in-born trait I picked from my childhood. In fact most folks from Trivandrum prefer sea fish to lake fish. We sea food lovers complain of mud taste in river fish. I'm sure fresh water fish lovers have their version of dislike about sea fish.

One exception to sea food crazy people is towards the delicacy of  Pearl Spot ( Karimeen ). This fish is unique to kerala's backwaters.If you're visiting kerala, try out Karimeen pollichathu or Karimeen fry.

Fish Cutlet in Bangalore
I make fish cutlet (mackeral/tuna) as per prior orders.You too can try these yummy fish cutlet for your next party. View fish cutlet page.

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