Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sardine Kerala Curry

Sardine curry - Kerala Recipe
Kerala Mathi (Sardine) Curry
Sardine, ( Mathi, Challa), is one the cheapest, popular and the tastiest fish available in South India. When I say tastiest, its an opine from my taste buds. In sea food world of million choices ( Sear Fish, Promfret to anchovy), Sardine swims unique.

Health Benefits of Mathi
Sardines are rich in Omega and other good fats. It's good for your skin, hair and heart.

In Bangalore, all fish vendors sell sardines, but only a few give it cleaned. Cleaning sardines is a time consuming task and requires patience. I strong smell of sardine can stink your hand and even your clothes. Always use apron while cleaning sardine and after cleaning wash your hands in lime juice or with Kadala Mavu.

If you're living in an apt surrounded by veg folks, then strong smell of sardine fry can make vegies go mad with you. Watch out when you fry sardines, they have a bad reputation for its stink.

Your's through Sardines,


P.S. Learn how to make clean sardines

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