Friday, February 18, 2011

Oats with Strawberry and Grapes

Oats for Breakfast
Daily I have Oats as breakfast. Just 5 min of time and I've breakfast for two. There is nothing new when I take Oats for breakfast. The bland food goes in without trigging any emotions from my taste buds. For a change this time, I added fresh topping. Strawberry and seedless grapes on top of Oats aroused my sensory senses to an overdrive.

There are other thousand ways to improvise on Oats. Often I add two table spoon of Kellogg's Muesli to my Oats. The dry fruits and nuts in Muesli adds an interesting taste to my breakfast.

Here's what I did last (Summer) no last breakfast. Easy Oats recipe for a normal breakfast:


Quaker Oats – 1/2 cup
Water - 1 Cup
Milk – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 Tbsp
Strawberry - few

How To Prepare Oats

Cut all the fruits .
Cook the Oats with 1 cup of water for 5 mts
Then add Milk and Sugar and cook for about 2-3 minutes.
Transfer the cooked Oats to a serving bowl.
Leave the mixture to cool for 2-3 minutes.
Add the cut Fruits.
Your healthy Oats breakfast is ready.

You can try out other interesting variants to Oats. Pls share new combination you've tried on Oats.

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