Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chilly Chicken

Chilly Chicken
After a short gap, I made one of the most fav dish - Chilly Chicken. There're many admirers to my unique chilly chicken. It's unique b'cos of the recipe. The credit goes to my Grand Mom, Late Polly Cruz. She is an excellent cook, who in her times had extensive knowledge of western and Indian recipes. Most of her unique recipes has been lost with her. Anyways, there're few tasty dishes to cherish her memory.

Order Chilly Chicken in Bangalore
I make chilly chicken as per the order. If you're staying close to Cambridge Layout or around Indira Nagar, then you can contact me for large orders. Contact me at # 9379398865.

You can try this Recipe of chilly chicken


  1. Chicken - 1 kg
  2. Chopped onions- 2 cups
  3. Chopped tomato-2 cups
  4. Whole garlic-1
  5. Orange red color- 2 pinch
  6. Soya Sauce - 4 tbsp
  7. Oil-100gms
  8. Green chillie -15 (cut into round shape seedless)
  9. Chilly powder -3 tsp
Method to make chilly chicken

  • Marinate chicken with color,salt and soya sauce and keep it for one hour
  • Take a pan add oil and when it is hot add the crush garlic
  • Saute' till golden brown then remove it from the oil (this is only to give flavor for the curry)
  • In the same oil add chicken and chopped onions
  • When it is half cooked add red chilly powder and chopped tomatoes
  • Cover and cook till it is done.
  • Now add the green chillies and mix well.
  • Remove it from the stove, the green chilly should not loose the color.
  • Serve hot with fried rice


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