Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grilled Soya Sauce Chicken Wings

OTG Grilled Chicken Wings

Chicken wing grill is my latest attempt for a cheap and tasty starter. I bought Chicken Wings from New Frosty's Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Then I marinated these chicken wing pieces with chilly flakes,soya sauce, pepper, chilly powder and a little of turmeric powder. Viola!

I grilled it for 10 min without applying any oil. It was an open grill. The fat from the chicken pieces was more than sufficient to give the wings a flight of taste. I had a different lunch today with this chicken wing recipe.

Order Chicken Wings for Starter
You can order Chicken wing as starter. I'll grill pieces with the same masala, and no oil. One plate of chicken wing starter will cost you Rs 50 ( 5 delightful pieces). Best part is the "No Oil" is used for this chicken starter. You'll love the natural taste and more that you can buy these grill chicken wing pieces at a very cheap price. Why don't you try it out for your next party.

If you're close to Cambridge layout, then give me a call at Ph # 9379398865 for wings!


Rituparna said...

Oh! That must taste yummm ....
N the no oil part gets a thumbs up.
Keep going. I wish I was in Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did u use a charcoal grill?i wud appreciate it if u could post the picture of the grill :)