Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kerala Beef Curry

Red Hot Kerala Beef Curry
Kerala Beef Curry with Kappa
Almost all gathering or house-party in Trivandrum is never complete without Beef. Last October during a get-together I made kappa ( tapioca) along with Beef. It was a deadly combination, esp when  people are in high spirits. I bought Beef from Kunnukuzhy meat shop. I prefer the line piece (rib) along with extra bit of fat portion.

In another post I'll give beef recipe and tips to make good kappa curry.




riya said...

where do you get good beeg in indiranagar?

riya said...

sorry...good beef

Marina said...

Hi Riya,

You get it at New Frostys Cold Storage, Michael Palya, Indira Nagar


Anonymous said...

Madiwala you can get fresh beef.
Near to Hanuman temple (opp to Total,Hosur road), there is a small road going down. Follow the tar road, 50 m. Look for the board KF beef stall, a small shop behind a small hotel. Bit difficult to find first time.

Radhu Malav said...

Nice cooking and recipe. This is wonderful recipe and i want to taste it. Last time i visited Kerala from here. I hope, the recipe is easily available to me.