Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fish Cutlet

Fish Cutlet ( Mackerel) 

Buy Fish Cutlet in Bangalore
Making fish cutlet is no easy task. I'm not very comfortable cleaning fish. Still when I get orders for fish cutlet, I've go full steam to make these fillets of joy. I make cutlet from mackerels as It's widely  available in Bangalore. Tuna is also suitable for making fish cutlet. Another reason why I prefer Mackeral for cutlet is the price.

Fish Cutlet as Starter
I get Fish Cutlet orders from Bengali and Kerala folks. If you're a sea food lover, you too should try out fish cutlet as a tasty starter in your next party. I'm sure your fishy friends and relatives will love the tangy and spicy taste of fish cutlets.

If you're close to my house ( Cambridge Layout), give me 48 hrs time for the fish cutlet. If you're coming this way, call me up and try out a free cutlet for sample. 

Have a fishy delight


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somi said...

Hi, so glad to find your blog. i am not indian but i am in love with indian food!

can you please tell me what is this fish called in hindi?or local language?
i stay in richmond town, any market around that area that may have this fish?