Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dosa Unseen View

Plain Dosa Inside View
Dosa Store at Indira Nagar
Ever wonder the inside view of a roasted Ghee Dosa? If not, see to believe it. Looks like  the view inside a big rolling white wave.

Last weekend we had brunch at Sri Andal Mess at Tipasanda, Inidra Nagar, Bangalore. We had planned to go to adjacent Madurai Idly shop, but it was too crowded. Many came to Madurai Idly shop were having idlies sitting at the step. :)

At Sri Andal Mess, items was asked from the menu was over. So we settled for dosa and button idlies. It's our first time at this dosa shop. I liked the taste of sambar and the chutney. The Ghee dosa was thin, with less oil. I do not like the oil dipped dosa from the Santhi Sagar kind of veg restaurants.

Another thing I love about his place is the simple table and comfortable chairs. Every restaurant has some edge and I feel this restaurant score points on seating.

Your's through Dosa!


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