Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buhari Trivandrum

          Mutton brain, bone at Buhari Trivandrum
Hotel Buhari, Eastfort, Trivandrum
Someone remarked Buhari as the official "Puttu Kada" of Trivandrum. I would certainly second that. The taste of mutton chaps or curry has the unique Buhari touch. I heard about Buhari from my cousin and then from my hubby. All these fellas ends their long day with his friends at Buhari.

Puttu and mutton in Buhari
As night life extends in Trivandrum, the midnight maniacs descends the bright lit Buhari for its steamed rice cake ( puttu) or Kerala Parata or fresh dosa. One best combo would be to have puttu + mutton + biriyani chaya.

These days I see many ladies and kids in Buhari. Of course, escorted by big belly guardians. Once I went with my friend Sandya. We enjoyed Buhari's special food, but it was laced with cold stares from drunk fellas.

Where is Buhari and how to reach Buhari?
Buhari is opposite to MP theater, at Attakkulangara,Trivandrum. Tell any auto driver with these keywords and you'll reach Buhari's 'foodsteps'. There are similar hotels in Trivandrum which you can try for a change, Paradise Hotel, Vayalil etc.

After 10:00, it's mostly man's world. Most of the fellas who visit Buhari are in inebriated state. Yes, you can instantly make it out by the wild shouts and gregariousness.

Cheers to Buhari,


P.S: For Fish lovers in Trivandrum, there is Hotel Mubarak


Anonymous said...

Nice, do keep posting about interesting places you find in TVM.

anjali gupta said...

Hi Marina, it's really great to see you experiment so much and indulge in making tasty cuisines. hotels in Trivandrum offers so many choices in terms of food. Keep blogging.