Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mubark at Trivandrum

                                                        Mubark Hotel - Trivandrum

                                                     Prawns, Mussels & boiled rice at Mubarak
Mubarak at Eastfort is a haven for fish lovers from Trivandum. This December I revisited this fishy joint to get closer to the Fish haven.

Here's a report in Hindu on Mubarak hotel.

Every time I reach Mubarak I end up waiting for the turn. It's hard to get a seat for lunch. Even when you get seat, people stand behind your back waiting for a chance. It kind of makes me uneasy, forcing me to finish my fish spread in a hurry.

This time we were directed to another room, where I had prawns,  mussels, sear fish fry...

Why don't we have more such places in Trivandrum. I'm sure, people crowd this place for it's price, the big serving on fish and variety. A negative about this place is the fish smell. Maybe, it's part of the Mubarak you'll have to accept.



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