Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heart Shape Strawberry Cake

Heart Shaped Baking Tray
Recently I got this baking tray as gift from my brother. Thanks to him, I baked this cute hearty strawberry cake. Apart from this, he gifted me couple of baking trays with different cake molds.

Baking Tray and Silicon Cup Moulds in Bangalore
Now most mega marts in Bangalore have sections selling baking trays and molds. During a recent shopping trip to MK Retail shop, Indira Nagar, I saw a big carton full of silicon cupcake moulds for microwave baking. It looks like Bangalore folks are going gaga over baking. Thanks to all the TV shows, baking fans is multiplying by thousands, from Mamas to Pappas to kids...

Kindle you passion in baking
Anyone with a passion to bake can learn the basics of baking in a day. All you need is a good mentor to teach you basics of baking and from there you can all experiment and learn by yourself.

If you're looking for a baking mentor, I can guide you to make fabulous cakes with my one-to-one cake baking lessons.

Come join the baking fraternity with a big HEART!

Your's through baking,


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