Saturday, January 8, 2011

Xmas Cake Mixing

This was an earlier pic of cake mixing for 2010 Xmas. One bottle of Old Monk went into the mix. The collage of nuts, dry fruits, cherries, tootie fruitie and raisins went under the squashing hands of my mother. She had a tough time mixing all these ingredients, but help came from my man who enjoyed the swelling flavor of rum.

I stored this divine mix for more than 45 days.As Christmas came close, I used this mix along with the batter to make my version of home made plum cake. This time for Xmas I gave my relatives a small piece of cake as my Xmas present. Next year, I hope to give them full cake as gift.

Cake Mixing in Bangalore
Cake mixing is a galla event in Bangalore. Many big hotels in Bangalore invite celebrities, outside people to participate in this annual cake mixing ceremony.

To a Xmas Delight!

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