Monday, January 31, 2011

Muffins pack for birthday gift

When was the last time you gave a gift made out of your hand? Well if you haven't done in the recent past, here's the chance to kindle that thought. This post is all about that...

Going with the norm, I was about to buy a gift from the shop the baby girl's first b'day. On a second thought, I decided to make muffins and gift it to the happy family. At first I had apprehension about gifting muffins. But then I set aside the doubts and went ahead with the muffin gift idea.

At the b'day party, I stood in the sidelines of the party hall looking at the glossy gifts given by the invitees. In between I got time to sneak this little gift to the jubilant young mom.

Yes, she was delighted to get this gift pack. She too remarked the gift as something unique, and personal. Yes, it reassured me.

So, what are you waiting for. Next time you head for a party, make something from your own hands. It could be a muffin packet or a cake or a trinket or a sweater.

There is more love in such effort than buying some ready-made stuff from the store. Well, it's matter of choice and thought.

Next time give it a thought




gift delivery Philippines said...

Wow! this muffins pack for birthday gift absolutely a perfect gift idea for a happy family looks delicious. :)


Marina said...

Thankyou Toni