Sunday, January 30, 2011

Basic preparation, cooking and serving of Salads

There should always be a place in our diet for salads as they are delicious, healthy and nutrituous.

Salads are ideal accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, both hot and cold. You can use raw vegetables, lightly cooked vegetables and pasta as well as fruit and nuts to give varied and interesting flavours and textures.

Basic preparation, cooking and serving.

Prepare: Use raw, peeled, grated, cooked, cubed.
Cook:Boil or steam whole. Peel when cold.
Serve: Raw or cooked in dressings or mayonnaise.

Prepare: Trim stalks quite short.
Cook: Blanch in boiling salted water, 3-4 minutes, drain and rinse in cold water and cool it.
Serve: With dressings or mayonnaise

Prepare: Separate into florets, cut off longer stalks. Wash in cold water and drain it
Cook: Boil florets in salted water 4-5 mts drain and rinse in cold water
Serve: Boiled florets in dressing or mayonnaise, allow 30 mts for flavors to blend.

Prepare: Wipe clean, trim off ends, peel lengthwise in strips or can shredded, cut in slices or cubes.
sprinkle with salt and leave it on kitchen paper to draw out excess moisture. Rinse and dry throughly.
Serve: Slices, sticks, cubes, shredded in dressing

Prepare: Wipe clean, remove stalk, may be skinned, sliced, cubed.
Serve: Stuffed as a starter or main salad, tossed with dressing and herbs.

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