Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nendrakai Banana

I took this pic of Top in Town department store at Cambridge Layout, Bangalore. I loved the sight of Kerala's unique Nendrakai or as we call Ethaka. I buy most of my house provision from this store. These fellas has fast home delivery service. If you're living around Cambridge Layout, you can call Top in Town at Ph # 25571990.

Taking of these mambo bananas, I'm thinking of the different dish you can prepare from this. Here are the popular dish from Kerala where you can find all popular use of Nendrakai.

Steamed Bananas for Breakfast or goes along with puttu (see this pic)
Chips made from Nendraka ( Yummy Calicut Chips)
Banana Fry ( View this post)

Please see my earlier post on how to make banana fry with nendrakai. 

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