Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pork Vindaloo For Xmas

Easy Cooking Pork Vindaloo 
Last Xmas at Trivandrum, Kerala I made Pork Vindaloo. My in-law likes to indulge in pork bites and I make sure to give my best.

Pork vindaloo is popular Goan cuisine and surprisingly it's common dish prepared by my Mom and Aunts from St Andrews, Trivandrum.Sometimes, I wonder if there's a common Portuguese connection between Goa and St Andrews.

Where to buy pork in Bangalore
I find it very easy to make Pork Vindaloo. You too can make this dish with very less time and effort.

In Bangalore I buy pork either from Ham Shop near CMH road or from Frosyt's at Indira Nargar side (Micheal palaya). While I'm at Trivandrum, I buy it from a cold storage opposite to Medical College Police station or from Kunnukuzhy.

Check out the Pork Vindaloo recipe from one of my earlier blog post.

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Priyanka said...

I was looking for a place near Indiranagar for pork (past few days)... and its a co incidence... i found the answer in ur site... thanks menna!

Marina said...

Thanks Priyanka...