Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Muffins with icing
Another way to entice or get quick attention from toddlers is with attractive cupcake toppings. Here's something I've done last year with edible icing sheets.

Print edible icing sheets with small cartoon images. Use different cartoon characters ( from Donald duck to Power rangers) in edible icing sheets. After printing the sheets, cut the cartoons and paste on the the top of each cupcake. Use extra icing to place it firmly on the top of the cupcakes.

Pictures attract kids to the cupcake. Use swirls of creamy icing to give delightful look to your cupcakes. You can buy attractive designs and molds at ICBLR. Apart form the ready-to-buy designs, you can use your imaginative skills to improve home made muffins. Keep trying, keep improving.

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