Friday, January 7, 2011

Menna's Fresh Cutlet

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Home Made Cutlet - My Packaging 
Fish Cutlet - Menna's Cutlet

Home made Cutlet in Bangalore
Cutlet is one my specialty snack which I supply for parties and for marriage receptions. I make all kinds of cutlets as starter. The cutlet from my kitchen has the unique flavor, spice and taste. It's original recipe comes from St Andrews, my home town in Trivandrum.

Cutlet Starters For Your Next Party

Add a new item to your next party with Menna's Cutlet. It's the ideal starter for a high-tea or can be used as a starter for a large party.

I make these Cutlets:
If you're in Bangalore you can order for homemade cutlet as a starter or use it as an accompaniment for your house parties or for marriage reception. For orders beyond 50, you can have a free sample.

Order Cutlet in Bangalore
Call me now to order fresh homemade cutlets for your next party: Contact me at Ph # 9379398865. I'm located at Cambridge Layout, 1 1/2 km from Domlur. 

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