Monday, January 10, 2011

Maldivian Breakfast in Bangalore

During my stay in Maldives I learned and tasted few of their popular dishes. Back then, I was not a seafood junkie like I'm today. In Mal'e I got support from a very helpful family and I still continue good relations with that family from Maldives.

Recently, I got this thought. Why not try Maldivian breakfast here in Bangalore. It will help me revive the old memories by creating something back to this island nation.

These islanders use lot of tuna, fresh coconut and an unique kind of chilly. Along with it they savor papaya and banana. They are big time aficionados of black tea.

In Trivandrum, I've seen couple of restaurants serving Maldivian food. This week I'll try my hand on making Mashuni ( tuna, chilli and fresh coconut salad)

While searching for Malidivian Recipes I came across this blog. I hope it helps others looking for new sea food from Maldives.

Thank you!


NB: Maldivians visiting or staying in Bangalore can contact me for Short Eats in Bangalore. I also sell seafood sambol. 

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