Sunday, January 16, 2011

Muffins with Icing

Chocolate Chips with Icing

Tender Muffins for Toddlers
Last week I made a dozen muffins for a toddler's play date. After making the muffins, I had some extra batter.  Used this to make 3 more muffins. Next I crested the muffins with icing & chocolate chips. Sometimes, little changes makes your foodie unique!

I've lost many food snaps due to blunt flash from my point-and-shoot camera. So these days, I take many pics to avoid such mishaps. If I'm lucky I get one killer food picture. A clear, bright food snap brings to life the taste, flavor, time and good memories.

Digital Food Photography Tips & Techniques
Here's a good blog with tips to improve food photography while using digital camera. Similarly, if you've any real experience or tips to share, then you're welcome. I use Sanyo S70.



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