Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vellarika Pachadi / Cucumber with Curd

I learned this recipe from my mother in law...

  1. Cucumber- 1 medium size finely chopped
  2. Coconut grated - 1/2 cup
  3. Green chillies - 3
  4. Mustard - 1tsp
  5. Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
  6. Curd - 1 cup
  1. Curry leaves
  2. Mustard seeds
  3. Red chilly
  4. Oil
  • Heat oil in a pan add the chopped cucumber with salt and water
  • Cover and cook till the cucumber is done.
  • Grind coconut,green chillie, mustard and cumin, make them a paste.
  • Add this paste to the cucumber and cook for 3mts in medium heat
  • Water can be added if required, it should not be thick
  • For seasoning heat oil add mustard seeds, red chilies and curry leaves.
  • Add the seasoning to the cucumber and remove it from the stove.
  • When it cools down beat the curd throughly and add to this mixture.
  • You are now ready to serve your vellarika pachadi....

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